Special Offer!

We’ve teamed up with iUniverse, the publisher of “Weddingology” and “The Sandcastles Guide to Starting and Managing Your Own Wedding Planning Business” to bring you an exciting new offer! Purchase these two textbooks to the Sandcastles Wedding Planner Certification Programme and enroll in the first module of the course absolutely free!
Use these links to order:
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  • Upon confirmation that you have ordered these texts from iUniverse, you will qualify to enroll in Module 1 of the Sandcastles Wedding Planner Certification Programme at no charge.
  • This offer has a value of $75.00, but cannot be exchanged for any other product or service.
  • Those wishing to take advantage of the discount for purchasing the entire course at once my deduct $75.00 from the reduced price, for a new fee of $924.00
  • This special offer is in effect until March 31, 2019 but may be extended at our discretion.